What is the HUMAN Protocol?

The HUMAN Protocol is a new way of tokenizing human labor. It enables one person to request work, another person to do the work, and a third party to decide if the work fulfills the request and issue payment. Its first applications are in machine learning.

Is the HUMAN Protocol an open source project?

Yes: the protocol has an open design, and we have been writing code since mid-2017 with the goal of open sourcing a complete reference implementation under a permissive license.

How far along is development?

Pretty far! We've got a nearly complete production-quality MVP implementation now, and have been using HUMAN tech for an increasing percentage of our internal workloads via hCaptcha.com since April 2018.

We're currently cleaning up codebases and doing some refactoring and documentation as we take the enormous amount of code we currently have and start shipping it to the world.

How are hCaptcha.com and the HUMAN Protocol related?

hCaptcha is the first app launched on the protocol, and much of its code will be released as part of the initial reference implementation. There is a lot of overlap between the dev teams right now, but as the protocol becomes more community-driven over time we expect that to change.

Seems pretty cool! How can I buy tokens?

We haven't announced anything, but join our telegram and sign up to the newsletter if you'd like to hear any updates first.